In The Wee Hours of the Morning: Benefits of Waking Early

The past few weeks have shown me what peace felt like before the world resumes back to its hurried pace as I wake up in the wee hours of the morning. I love starting my day slow because I believe it sets the pace for the rest of the day. If I hurry past my morning rituals of yoga and slow coffee drinking, I’d be tipped by the middle of the day and minor infractions will seem big enough to let me show steam. Aside from being grounded and regulated for the day, these are the other benefits of waking up in the morning.

You get to create your plans and strategy to achieve it. Having a clear mind helps keep things in perspective as you get to do the most important tasks before the demands of your personal and work life take a portion of your attention. A practical tip is to write everything that you want done within the day starting with the most important ones and cross it off as the day moves forward, and as you accomplish the tasks of course.

Gives you time to appreciate nature, I usually like drinking my coffee in the garden to feel connected to nature, and I’d just be in awe with how the details for each day are never the same. Yesterday, the sky has a blue-yellow ambiance while the sky today displayed the perfect combination of pink and purple. I also observed dew as it dropped from leaves and heard the cacophony of crickets and minute creatures. This is also the reason I arrived late at work. If you have a long-ass ritual and you move like a sloth, it’s a definite must.

If you feel like you don’t have time to target your physical goals, then probably waking up earlier will help you cross it off since you still have lots of energy at the start of the day. Usually one of the reasons we can’t hit our daily 10k steps goal is because we’re usually tired after work and that’s life. But guess what? When you exercise in the morning, it will ground you, wake up those slacking muscles and will just make you feel energized throughout the day. Ironic isn’t it?

This one is a no brainer, since not everyone is that motivated to go to work, ahem, you will be spending less time in traffic because you get to leave early. Can you imagine that perfect Monday morning when you are already sipping your hot pumpkin latte in the office while the others are cramming to get in? Now you do.

You know that saying where the early bird gets the early worm? It’s something like that when you wake up early in the morning, the early waker doses off much faster. Sounds similar, at least. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, you just have to wake up earlier to ‘reset’ your body clock so that by the time you want to sleep you have done everything you want and could, and your body and mind is now prepped for a deep slumber. Sleeping properly can also make your skin glow! Do you know how to clean your face properly? Have you used toners before in your routine? If your answers are no, these other articles are for you!

Even though there are a ton of benefits that we could gain from waking up earlier, we know that it’s not for everyone because of factors like work shifts or side hustles, and for biological reasons like our circadian rhythms and energy levels differ from one another as the day moves on. Don’t be too hard on yourself for this! So long as you are functioning and is able to do your tasks and maintain that work-life balance, then everything’s working fine for you too even if you are an early riser.

Until you read from me again!

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