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What Are The Best Eye Cream Ingredients

Alright, so now you are interested in using an eye cream after knowing it’s benefits to address fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation under your eyes. What’s the next step? You have to identify the ingredients that will work wonders for your skin! Continuing with the eye cream series to help you find one that suits…

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Eye Creams: Frequently Asked Questions

I am creating another related post about eye creams here because I love using it in my skincare routine. Having a supple and youthful looking under-eye area can help you look young beyond your years! If you are still unsure whether to use eye creams, here are the frequently asked questions regarding the use of…

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Do I Need Green Tea to be Fit and Healthy?

Green tea is that ultimate healthy drink that you can include your diet to be fit, well and healthy! It can increase your productivity, mental health and life outlook without the jitters from coffee!

Creating Motivation to be Happy on Mondays

Now that another week has begun, I basically just read some of the articles, books, and journals I’ve been putting off, wrote, slept, worked out, ate, and slept during the long weekend (thanks to the Monday Labor Day Holiday!) I was lacking all motivation to do any “productive stuff”. I felt like I didn’t accomplish…

How to Find the Signature Scent to Suit You

Having a signature scent ups your style game, with your scent being another weapon in your arsenal to showcase your personal brand. It embodies your sense of style and completes the ensemble you’ve picked. It can help people remember and recognise you

Media Fasting : The Antidote to a Weary and Restless Life

Recently I took a break from work and spent my time with family and loved ones, this entailed driving for hours, sitting in parks, appreciating gardens, eating berries and media fasting. In one of these moments I had this so called epiphany that helped me to live a better life, or at least had changed…

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