A Sign to Stop Using Your Girlfriend’s Skincare Products: Difference of Men’s and Women’s Skin

When products are marketed to people, one way companies use to increase their revenue and baseline is by making versions that are specially made for men or women. Want to sell that shaver? Make it pink, curvy and “gentle” so it sells to women, on the other hand if you want to sell it to men, make it darker, bolder and masculine. I believe that this kind of targeted marketing does work for some products but not for all.

Men and women of all colors, sizes and origins want to look presentable, and one way for that to happen is to have that clean and clear skin. Men commonly feel and think that skincare is for women so they just skip that men’s skincare area in boutiques and just opt for that La Mer their wife or partner is using. It might work for some but not for all. Read more to learn about the differences between a guy and gal’s skin.

Testosterone is one of the hormones that determine the primary and secondary body characteristics, which includes the structure of the skin. Generally, a man’s skin all around the body is oilier, thicker and ages uniquely compared to women.

Structurally Thicker:

Male skin is approximately 20% thicker than female skin as it has more collagen and has a tighter and firmer appearance. The collagen in male skin is produced at a constant rate whereas it decreases later on in female’s skin especially after menopause. Thus, the effects of aging are more pronounced in women than men, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have to take care of your skin as the sun’s aging and burning rays damages all skin of all sorts, even the leather of that Black Saffiano bag.

More sebum production:

Men have more active oil glands, and thus larger pores as compared to women. Sebum production is also twice than that of women that’s why your skin might look a bit shinier than your girlfriend’s. This leads to having a lower pH, making a man’s skin more prone to impurities and acne. However, later in life, this becomes beneficial as our skin becomes less prone to dryness and irritation, all thanks to that multiple sebaceous glands.

How man’s skin ages:

Because of the increased collagen and sebum production, male skin may be more prone to breakouts early in life, especially in teens when hormones go haywire, but thankfully signs of ageing appears much later than women, but it occurs more quickly once it starts.

When a man’s skin ages, the most common concerns are sagging skin, puffy eyes and dark circles, making your eye area deeper, darker and tired. Just the same, men can get wrinkles too though men don’t really care about it that much. Male wrinkles occur later as compared to females but when it shows, it shows a deep trench on your face.

More stressed:

Shaving is really a good way to exfoliate the skin but overdoing it might cause more harm than good. When men shave, it causes irritation by removing the uppermost layer of skin cells, exposing immature skin that’s sensitive to environmental stressors.

To sum it all up, you have to look for tailored products that are specially formulated for men to have the product’s full benefits. Just the same, you have to learn how to care for men’s skin properly so you reap the benefits of having healthy looking skin up to old age.

Until you read from me again.

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