How to Break Free From Mental Chatter

Every healthy human being has this internal stream or train of thoughts and feelings that might range from happiness, achievement, hope, down the range of other ones like being self-conscious, fearful and doubtful. The mind that we have is one of evolution’s greatest gift to us in a sense that we can use our brains…

How To Be Mentally Resilient

When we swipe left and right or up and down the various media we are exposed to everyday, we might feel overwhelmed to see that there’s always something wrong happening be it in our local community or to some far-flung area on other points of the Earth. There might be days that on a personal…

Finding Pleasure in Writing

Keeping a journal has been a good tool for me to reach where I am right now, it’s where my most vulnerable thoughts, fears, goals, aspirations are all written down. Sometimes I’m surprised with how the words flow easily when I write it down as I’m able to imprint on the paper thoughts or ideas that I wouldn’t have said out loud, nor sometimes admit. But there it is, a concrete proof of whatever is happening inside my head, albeit disorganized from time to time.

the art of de-cluttering

The current principle that I am applying in my days is the principle of de-cluttering- be it from the material things that I have, sense of style, relationships and even my mental and emotional baggage that I’ve been carrying for years.