Finding Pleasure in Writing

One of the habits that I have built throughout the years that I think is worth keeping in the future is writing a journal. In my childhood, it usually starts with “Dear Diary” followed by a smiley face, as the years went by and adulthood took it’s toll it became more of a chore for me, rising out of habit. There are days I would just wonder how will I bring out that childish joy and ‘first-time’ spark

I am privy to the fact that keeping a journal is a good tool for me to reach where I am right now, I mean it’s where my most vulnerable thoughts, fears, goals, aspirations are all written down. Sometimes I’m surprised with how the words flow easily when I write it down as I’m able to imprint on the paper thoughts or ideas that I wouldn’t have said out loud, nor sometimes admit. But there it is, a concrete proof of whatever is happening inside my head, albeit disorganized from time to time.

Eventually, you will come to see a pattern of how you think, or how you’ve been living your life. It can be a great tool to change your life but with the mundane everyday tasks and entries, sometimes one might stop to think if it’s even worth doing.

However, here are some writing prompts that I help in order to spice things up and reach that parts of my head I never knew existed.

1. What are the important aspects of life for you? Is it your personal freedom? God? Relationships? Spirituality? Finance? Career. write down the words, values or things that come to your mind. Don’t judge any of it.

2. How are you doing with the parts of your life that’s important for you?

3. Is this where you want to be in the future?

4. Can you do something to change your situation?

5. What three goals have you achieved this month or year?

6. What is that one thing you are proud of about yourself?

7. How can you show kindness to yourself?

8. What are the three things you look forward to?

9. How would other people describe you?

10. What worries you the most?

11. When you feel sad, what makes you happier?

12. Who is your biggest supporter?

13. What can you change about the world?

14. If you had one wish, what would it be?

15. When was the last time you doubted yourself? Why?

From time to time I might create another post of writing prompts that helped me change my perspective, so keep in touch!