Practical Tips for an All-Season Skin

The worst era for my skin was during my middle high school and early college years, so when I got past that point, I became a lot complacent, because well I already thought that I have this clear and perfect skin- there were days when I would eat lots of fried foods, drink four to five cups of coffee in a day and do series and movie marathons that keeps me up awake at night, but the state of my skin would still be the same. Boy was I wrong. I became oblivious to the fact that our skin acts like the ‘barometer’ of our own health and well-being which are internal health concepts- which means that even though you are splurging and gorging on a lot of toners, emulsions and moisturizers your skin is hydrated only on a very superficial level which puts a literal spin on “beauty is only skin deep.”

The practical ways that I’ll show you are not only good for your skin but it aims to generally boost your health and well-being from the inside, so you will have clearer skin on the outside.

  1. Drink lots of water- recently I’ve been drinking lots of coffee which is one good way for you to get dehydrated and your skin to be murky and unclear. If you use moisturizers to hydrate your skin externally then you use water to hydrate it internally. If you drink up to eight cups of water interspersed throughout the day, it will do much good for you because your body will be able to absorb the water more- helping it bring nutrients all over the body and flush the toxins out. I can’t give up my coffee so I compensate by drinking two cups of water per coffee cup that I drink.

    Hydrate your skin to perfection!
  2. Eat whole foods: this principle is basically simple, if you want glowing skin then eat foods that are under the category of ‘glow foods’ and no, your MAC strobing liquid crème doesn’t count as a food even if it makes your skin glow naturally. Citrus fruits are such as orange, lemon, and kiwi are a huge part of my diet especially if my face starts to harbor some whiteheads or pimples. You can also supercharge your skin by drinking smoothies made with real fruits.
  3. Hit the sack! Have you heard of the old wisdom that “when you go to sleep, you wake up early?” Our hectic schedules and fast-paced lifestyles don’t let you do just that. Instead what we do is we sleep late and we wake up earlier. Too bad. Get your priorities straight. Remove activities or time-killers that you do such as spending so much time on Instagram or Facebook to increase your sleeping duration. One week of eight hours of sleep is somewhat enough for a fresh start so you’ll start waking up with clear, dewy and perfect skin.

    apartment bed carpet chair
    Hit the sack!
  4. Clean your sheets. Everyone’s privy to the fact that bacteria or dirt trapped within your humongous pores can lead to breakouts. So if you’ll just use your common sense, change your bed and pillow-sheets at least twice a month, if not once per week.

    person holding gray and white throw pillow
    Clean and Crisp!
  5. Do not apply new products on your face especially before a big event- everybody has this miraculous beauty routine that just works for our skin; but do you even remember the experiments that you went through to achieve that regimen? Well. This principle is simple, especially if a big day or event is coming your way. You may never know how your body or skin might react to a new product, so don’t go experimenting on new products, smart ass!
  6. Go Green! Like go for green tea. It’s highly alkaline so it makes your body less acidic, which will make you less prone to having breakouts.

    background image beautiful blur bright
    Not this green though.
  7. Sweat it out. When you move and when you sweat, your pores open up which makes it easier for the body to remove the dirt that’s been clogged up. But beware my friend, this one is a double-edged sword, because it may become a way for bacteria or more dirt to clog your skin. So before you go on moving, make sure that you clean your face so even if you sweat out, you’re still clean AF
    person holding barbell
    Go hard or go home!

    Until you read from me again.

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