How to Fake the Bali Glow

Many people have asked me how to get that Bali glow. Maybe it’s the sun, the wind or the sand but I really have no idea what’s in that place that makes your skin luminescent, golden tan and glowing but I found out fail-proof ways to get that hint of Bali in the smokey atmosphere of Manila. Below are some products to rave about to bring out the best in you, or your skin at least.


First. Sunscreen!

I really have very oily skin so putting sunscreen or sunblock all over my face is a big No-No, but I was able to try this one for my Bali trip and this one is just so light, I can barely feel it on my face considering that it offers my skin long lasting protection with its 120 SPF. So, that’s a plus for me! and, it leaves a minty and cooling feeling on the face so it’s really good to dab on your skin especially for hot and humid days.

The crazy trick that I’m using when applying my sunblock is by putting it on the areas of your face that you normally put a highlighter on- such as above the cheekbones, cupid’s bow and even the chin; so when the golden rays of the sun hits your face it’s not going to be sparkly but instead it’ll reflect back that golden hue. Check out this pic below. See that glow? Sunblock.


Second. The Body Shop’s Drops of Light
For products that are quite pricey, you would want to get the full benefits by following the instructions that come with it. For this one, I put it day and night just before I head out to the world and just before I retire to a deep slumber.

The effects that I’ve noticed for this one is that it made the overall tone of my face generally brighter and more even. Since it’s also a hydrating essence, it minimized the appearance of my pores and slightly reduced some lines- since I really like frowning and burrowing my brows.


Buying tips? Wear nice clothes and be extra courteous. You just might get a discount coupon even if you don’t have one. Not saying anything, but you might. You’re welcome in advance.

Third. Fruity facials!
Each fruit comes with varying nutrients, effects and benefits for the skin but my most favorite masks are that from Nature Republic and It’s Skin. These are some of my favorite masks below. Please be guided accordingly. I also made more detailed reviews for each so why don’t you check it out.

Until you read from me again.



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