Grounded in Calmness: How It Improves Work and Relationships 

Looking back at the days when I feel like my life is filled with calmness and meaning are those days spent with other people and doing work as it gives me a chance to connect and be of service to others, making an impact in their lives. 

This may not be the same for everyone as sometimes these life areas are their actual cause of stress. How then can we improve on our relationships and work so we can make the most out of it, bringing light to our lives? 

I found that being centred and calm gives us a space so we can bring our best foot forward in these areas. Being able to regulate yourself in life’s stressful or challenging situations is a skill that will propel you to greater heights regardless of the industry you are in.

Calmness Brings Clarity of Mind

Being calm enables you to use your mental resources for the tasks at hand which enables you to create an effective and efficient action plan for the problems. This makes sense because when our emotions are high, our mental resources are reduced as we have to deal with overwhelming emotions with the problem on the side. In the long run, you may be able to face challenges head on but it’s going to burn you out in the end. 

Resilience and persistence

Being able to keep grounded during tough times, builds resilience. This enables you to push forward consistently even in the face of adversities.  With this, you can deal with stress and negative events with grace and poise. 

Conflict Resolution

In both our work and personal lives, conflicts are inevitable. If you are calm, you are able to bring your best self to approach conflicts rationally and objectively, instead of acting on your whims and impulses. This will help you communicate more effectively, leading to better outcomes and stronger relationships. 

Making Rational Decisions

Having a clear mind enables you to see things and challenges objectively. This reduces the risk of creating judgment errors with poor consequences as compared to when you create impulsive decisions based on how you are feeling or personal biases.

Make Calmness Your Personal and Professional Branding

If you are able to deal with issues and challenges consistently as they come, you are building your personal brand and reputation that you are the type of person who can deal with these things. Who wouldn’t want to be seen as reliable, consistent and reputable in both their personal and professional relationships? Not me. 

Health and Wellbeing

Being calm has both mental and physiologic effects on the body over time. There are studies that being calm decreases the activation of the brain areas that usually responds to stress, thereby decreasing the release of stress hormones. This means that over time, you don’t become susceptible to stressors. Most of the things that we consider stressful in contemporary times won’t kill you anyway. From this, you can only emerge stronger. Keep it up warrior. 

Being calm is not repressing and forgetting about what matters most. It just ensures that you can acknowledge your emotions and make it work for you instead of against you.

At the end of the day, we are still humans and we are bound to leave this world. We can only do so much and we have to make the most of our living moments. Being calm will enable you to focus your life on things, memories and moments that’s meaningful for you.

Hope this helps and until you read from me again.

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