The advent of social media and hyper-connectedness have brought constant stimulation in our lives, that it’s starting to be problematic and difficult for our overly stimulated brains to shut down. How do we then navigate this ‘new reality’ where information, data and everything we could possibly want lies on the tip of our fingertips?

My mornings usually consisted of waking up, having my coffee with Taylor Swift blaring on my earphones. I feel like I have this stimulation threshold I have to reach every morning to get my mind and body running for the day. Caffeine? Dopamine? Nicotine? Name it and I’ll include it in my mornings.

On weekends, I range from spending all day on my bed, or going out for drives to read books, journal or have my coffee beside a lake or a waterfall. Regardless of where I go, my mind is always there, and trust me, it’s never still. I wish there was a button that can immediately put it into silent or airplane mode.

I feel like being connected to nature is a good way to ground myself, but futile at times if my mind is still regurgitating information, memes or pictures I’ve consumed for the past week, nor thinking about the stuff I had to deal with when I get back runs on the background. All those going out was an escape for me from myself, even if only for a bit.

For the past week, I tried something crazy. I’ve been doing media fasting before, but it’s something that I did all over again. I tried reducing my social media exposure, included silent periods in my day to just focus on my breathe, and reflect about things by having conversations with myself. I’ve never felt more inspired and connected with God, myself, others and life itself.

Training and disciplining your mind to be more cautious of the information you take in over time helps you to find clarity as it helps create a shift in your awareness of reality. The things that we thought were important suddenly become too trivial, things are not as serious as it seems, and nothing becomes impossible or too big.

Before the year ends, I hope you get to find time and the strength to have silent and peaceful moments in your days, even if only for a few minutes at a time. It’s the only way for life ’s goodness to manifest to make your days more meaningful.

Until you read from me and until then, keep spreading love around!

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