The Line Between a Wish and Hope

There are days when it feels like I have a lot of burden on my shoulders, and stating it as feeling down would really undermine what it feels like. These are my reflections between the words wish and hope

difference between wish and hope

How sadness impacts your life

There are days when all I ever wanted to do was lay on my bed for the whole day, staring up into nothingness. I guess everybody has those days, not everyone has it all figured out every single day. In moments like this, all I could ever do is wish and expect for tomorrow to turn out somewhat good, if not better.

What’s important after all is not to let your emotions consume you, so you can get back up easily to keep you running. Over time, what you want is to develop mental resilience so you can take on whatever challenge you are facing now.

There are also days when I have a lot of things on my plate where all seems barren as I sit down on my desk, forcing myself to write from the deepest crevices of my being, bringing up emotions from the pit to finally come up with a plan for words to find its way, only to end up where I begun. Holding in and on is very difficult and tiring, so to say. At least I know, me hoping is here to stay.

What to do when you are feeling down

The difference lies in plan and action. Wishing is basically asking; turning harsh realities into imaginary fantasies, all inside your head. Hoping is like wishing in an elevated spiritual ground because you want, you plan and you act. It’s important to plan out ahead of time for the things that we want to accomplish in life, but if all we ever do is planning then we’ll just be stuck in the same place, just wishing. Start acting today and watch as your dreams unfold in front of your eyes.

Until you read from me again, hope for the best!

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