Mild Skin Smoothing & Hydrating Package by Wishtrend

My common skin concerns includes huge pores, hyperpigmentation and fine lines, and the occasional pop ins of blemishes especially when I am stressed.

I have tried most of the products in this package, but not in this combination! So it’s going to be a first for me as well. All I know that these are holy grails in their own rights, but will it be an effective powerhouse when combined altogether?

The Mild Skin Smoothing and Hydrating Package contains 3 products with tons of antioxidants and skin-protective ingredients.
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The Mild Skin Smoothing & Hydrating Package was especially chosen to give you all-day hydration and smoothness. 

The antioxidant benefits of the ingredients in this package (mainly green tea, propolis, and bakuchiol) are beneficial for repairing skin damage from UV and pollutants. 

This straightforward three-step regimen, which includes Bakuchiol cream, is ideal for getting started on your retinol journey. As a result of the entire process, the Green Tea & Enzyme Milky Foaming Wash, Propolis Energy Boosting Essence, and Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream can give you smoother skin.

What will happen after you use this package: 

  1. Enhanced and healthier skin complexion 
  2. Smoother skin surface
  3. Moisturized and restored skincare barrier
  4. More Resilient Skin

This package is specially curated for those who are just starting on their retinol journey, and someone who wants to gently exfoliate the skin to reveal a healthier and brighter glow. 

Get massive freebies as well such as: 

  • Green Tea & Enzyme Milky Foaming Wash (140ml) x 1
  • Propolis Energy Boosting Essence (100ml) x 1
  • Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream (30ml) x 

FREE I’m From Honey Mask Mini x 1

FREE Skin Journey Pouch x 1

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Until you read from me again!

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