We all know that person who lights up a room the moment they set foot in it. I’ve always wondered what is it with them that makes them magnetic and attractive to people. Some have average looks, some don’t even have style but they can make that instant connection happen in a split second. If you are wondering what separates charismatic people from everyone, this post is for you. Who knows? You can be on your way to becoming just that. 

People with charisma are self-aware

Charismatic people are emotionally intelligent people. They are in tuned with their emotions and feelings, which makes them capable of connecting with how others are feeling. This in turn impacts how they live their lives, create choices and deal with other people, knowing that everything they do affects others. After all, we are all connected whether we like it or not. 

They feel like home

Charismatic people just makes it easy to be yourself and be vulnerable around them. When you have interactions and conversations with them, you know that you have their full attention as they maintain their gaze on you. They can lend their ear and thoughts without judgment, prejudice or bias. These traits make them so approachable and warm, just like home.

They are actually competent

One thing about charismatic people is that their confidence and dealing with others is not all fluff or filled with false positivity. They are actually competent and confident in their respective fields which makes them trustworthy, effective and reliable when you need them. When you combine warmth and competence, you get authenticity, and that’s what charismatic people are. 

Their non-verbal communication is on point

If there’s one thing charismatic people do best, their non-verbals are unmatched. They are able to display open and caring postures that makes them attractive and approachable even to strangers. They use a lot of facial expressions, gestures and movement when communicating to get their point across. 

Amazing style, grace and poise 

Charismatic people have mastered the art of personal branding. They know that for people to deal with them effectively, they have to carry themselves properly and respectably. Their sartorial sense of fashion makes them turn heads, how they carry themselves make everyone believe that they are important, even when they are just humans like everyone else.

Which of these traits can you see in yourself and what are those that you can improve on?

Until you read from me again.