Layer Skincare Products for Better Skin

Skincare is both a science and art by itself. With the plethora of information we can find on the internet and social media platforms, no wonder many people are confused even if they want to delve in the world of skincare. Where do I start and how do I layer skincare multiple products in my skincare routine?

Start with the Lightest

When trying to layer skincare products, a general rule is to follow the consistency of your products in that sequence. Accordingly, your initial products will be lighter liquids, and your final products will be creams that are heavier and thicker.

Why layer skincare products?

What we put on our skin and when we do it can have a significant impact on the outcomes when it comes to the order in which skincare products are applied. Knowing how to use our cosmetic products to maximise absorption and efficacy is crucial because the skin is ultimately intended to form a barrier. Layering also guarantees that the areas of your skin that require further care receive the nutrients they require most.

Cleansers as the first step to layer skincare products

Although cleansing isn’t the most glamourous step in a skin care regimen, it’s the most crucial. Starting with a clean slate is essential, regardless whether your skin-care regimen consists of a straightforward wash and moisturiser combo or a 10-step process.

 The only way for your skin to effectively absorb and benefit from all your skincare products is after you brush away all the debris, dirt, and excess oil that are present on your face which you can do when you use cleansers. 


toner as part of layer skincare product

Start using a toner after cleansing because it has the thinnest consistency due to its water-like nature. Even in the simplest routine, a toner aids in the removal of dead skin cells so that your moisturiser may absorb more effectively (there are hydrating toners and oil-absorbing ones).

At the same time, cleansing in general changes the pH levels of our skin, and using toners can bring that pH back to normal. This will help maintain the moisture barrier of the skin and help the skin absorb the succeeding products better. 


serums as a step to layer skincare products

When it comes to nailing the proper skin-care routine layers, one frequent beauty query is: serum or moisturiser? The answer is serum, without a doubt. It’s the most effective way to deliver ingredients to the skin as it gets absorbed faster.

Apply your desired combination of serums, boosters, and essences next, always remembering to layer on the formulas from thinnest to thickest. These items should be loaded with antioxidants and other elements that fight against environmental aggressors.

Generally you can pick up to three serums to target your skin concerns. You can opt for serum ingredients like peptides for wrinkles, salicylic acid for oily skin, and Centella Asiatica or Cica or licorice to calm redness and soothe irritated skin. Products containing Vit C is also a key ingredient that works for all skin types as it’s a powerful antioxidant.

Moisturizers as the key holder to layer skincare products

moisturiser layer skincare

Adding another step to your skincare routine can feel like you are doing another chore. Moisturising however, doesn’t just feel great but its one of the key to have clear, smooth and young looking skin regardless of your age. Moisturising can also reduce the chance of having skin problems, reduce the appearance of blemishes, help the skin stay young, fight wrinkles and is just the perfect way to end a shower!


cream layer skincare products

More than mere hydration, creams work to retain moisture. Any layering routine must include it since “it locks in serums on your skin, which might increase their effectiveness.”

Lotions are preferable for those with oily skin, whilst creams are better for those with dry skin. To better maintain skin’s hydration and suppleness, the heavier solutions trap moisture and offers a protective barrier. Thicker formulations aid in reducing acne flare-ups and congested pores. 

People with sensitive skin should also use lotions due to the fact that lotions won’t leave an oily film on a moustache or beard, men with facial hair may also like them.