Zara Vibrant Leather Oud Insight


My niche has always been skincare because it was an area I was always interested since I’ve had lots of acne as a teen. Another niche after that is style because over the years I got interested in clothes, because well fashion is art and that it is the greatest art form in a sense that you get to live and make your life in it. Also I had poor style back then, can’t even look at my old pictures, but well it all starts with awareness, right?

These days, I have come to love fragrances for how it can create that vibe that you are aiming for which then leads to increased confidence in dealing with others and life.

I will always be thankful for that friend who introduced this scent to me (Hi Pat!) as it can easily be one of your ‘signature scent’. The Vibrant Leather Oud (Zara) is a woody fragrance of men with top notes of bergamot, middle notes of incense and woody notes and base notes of Agarwood and Amber.

This scent exudes warmth and luxury wherever you go.

It is basically similar with the Vibrant Leather but it has a mature and sensual twist making it enjoyable for the nose. From the first spray, to the dry down and to the lingering hint of the scent 3-5 hours later it still smells great. This is one of my go too scents whenever I know that I’ll be having a busy schedule for the day as it helps remain composed and calm lending me that ‘grace under pressure’. I just wish though that it lasted longer because I find myself spraying again by the late afternoon, which is enough to last me before my night bath.

Feeling like I can conquer the world with this scent.

Can you recommend other scents that I should try too? Appreciate it!

Until you read from me again!

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