How to Find the Signature Scent to Suit You

Having a signature scent ups your style game, with your scent being another weapon in your arsenal to showcase your personal brand. It embodies your sense of style and completes the ensemble you’ve picked. It can help people remember and recognise you. Additionally, it provides you with the extra boost you need to feel inspired, strong, and alluring.

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1. Understand the notes in your signature scent

Knowing the essential components of a fragrance allows you to associate those notes with the mood or energy you wish to convey. Of course, various people have different meanings for different notes, but it’s still simple to locate one that is universally liked and particularly important to you.

2. Understand the scent families and seasons

What works in a winter perfume (warming tobacco, leather, or spice) differs from the greatest summer aroma (green and aquatic notes), and vice versa for a fall scent (patchouli, musk, and vanilla), as well as a spring scent (musk, vanilla, and a hint of spice) (floral or citrus).

A lot of these notes can be worn all year. However, by keeping a few bottles and designating them according to seasons rather than using up one bottle three or four times as quickly, you won’t wind up spending any less money overall than if you are just using a certain bottle for the whole year. Think of it as having trends, but this time for your scents, you wouldn’t wear a wool jacket in summer, will you?

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3. Ask Your Inspiration

When you really like a person’s perfume, you should ask them what fragrance they are wearing, just like you could Shazam an unfamiliar but excellent song. After all, it is why they are wearing that smell. To have others enjoy it rather than to be specifically asked. You can directly ask them, “your scent is amazing, what is it?” Rather than a plain “dig that scent” which could come as stalker-ish and creepy.

4. Know the Classics for your Signature Scent

Knowing the top vintage scents gives you a starting point for choosing your own. You can choose from a fantastic selection of scents as well. They are classics for a reason because they’ve overcome the tests of time. Use it to your advantage.

5. Go against the tide

Don’t be afraid to try. One risk of wearing commercial generic scents is that you risk smelling similar to two other males in your office if you select a more commercial fragrance. The advantage is that you are wearing something that is “safe” in the sense that it will probably be liked by most people and won’t stand out too much. However, other people prefer the opposite and desire exclusivity with their trademark perfume (well, at least in their own social circle).

6. Identify your motive

What do you hope to achieve with your trademark scent? What kind of personality do you have, or who are you portraying? How will it make an impression on your coworkers, significant other, and closest friends? Finding something that truly complements whatever you’re putting out there is important because they’re all going to link that scent with you. Again, this is a case for maybe having more than one signature smell so you can communicate these various aspects of yourself equally and suitably. Similar with your choice of fashion, your scent should reflect the real you and your personal brand.

7. Take advantage of testers

If you’re going to invest in something and spend real money on it, you need to be sure it will succeed. Try it out first is the only way to be sure of that. Fortunately, if you can’t find it at a store, the majority of manufacturers offer some kind of sample-size tester. (Many also provide whole sample assortments in small bottles if you wish to learn about a brand’s range in its entirety). Personally, I like testing perfume for the whole day just to see if I have any allergic reaction to it, to see how long it lasts and its performance when it dries down.

If you have signature scents, comment down it down below and why it became your signature scent so I could try it out too!

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